Kartotek Copenhagen is a Danish brand and all our notebooks are made in Europe.
At Kartotek Copenhagen you can freely choose between a large selection of simple, nordic notebooks.


Make space for creativity and immersion in the moment where the pen meets paper. Write down your valuable memories, reflections and good ideas into your personal book. A book that you can always have by the hand while on the move. Our softcover notebooks are available in the sizes; small, medium, and large, and our hardcover notebooks are to be found in the serie of Notebooks and Guided Journals.

Our soft and hard covered books are available in graphically beautiful covers, including flowered and checked patterns in lovely colors. Kartotek Copenhagen’s notebooks are made of high quality and soft paper of blanc, ruled, or dotted interior, giving structure and creative freedom. The notebooks of Kartotek Copenhagen versatile and can be used to everything on your mind: everyday’s notes, great ideas, guest book, loveletter, recipes, songs, diary and a bullet journal. Also the beautiful books is a perfect present for the person who loves to draw, write, sketch, doodle, and paint.

For further gift inspiration, please see our Gift Sets. Always have your beautiful, Scandinavian notebook by the hand or in your handbag to capture the quote or lesson of the day.


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